17th. June 2018
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Friday 30th. March at 7-30pm.
                                                   St. Peters' Church, Hixon.

Cafe Church at St Andrews, Weston 
Sunday 10 June

A very enjoyable and lively time was had by the 40+ people who attended Cafe Church at Weston on Sunday 10 June.
A hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, cheesy oatcakes, fruit, yoghurt, fruit juice, tea and coffee was prepared and served up in Church from 9:30am. At 10:00am this was followed by a 30 minute worship on the theme of family, friendship and neighbourliness, led by Andy.
Folk songs by Paul and Sarah of Fradswell echoed around Church whilst breakfast was served and then everyone grabbed a tambourine or something to beat or shake for the very lively folk style hymns and songs.
The children's table was especially busy; they made paper chains in the shape of people which represented their family, their Church family and their friends and neighbours and extended families.
Everyone left with a smile on their face.

Sarah Emery