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We are a group of ten beautiful Churches (eight parishes), but ONE BODY building God's Kingdom here in Mid Trent. Part of the Diocese of Lichfield, within the Church of England, we try to make our services as welcoming and friendly as possible.
Our Team covers the Staffordshire villages of Burston,  Fradswell,  Gayton,  Hixon,  Hopton,    Milwich,  Salt,  Sandon,  Stowe by Chartley and  Weston.
With inspired leaders and ten Churches to choose from, each with their own identity and character, there has to be one that appeals to you.
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A letter from our Team Curate for June.
I recently treated myself to a new toy; a cook's blowtorch! I got it home and excitedly took it out of its wrappings, anxious to try it out. I pressed the on-switch - and nothing happened!!
I wearily got out the instructions that came with it, only to discover I had to fill it up with gas, which, naturally, had to be purchased separately!
After some difficulty, I obtained the said gas, filled my blowtorch and bingo! Flames of fire streamed out!
Desserts were made and what fun it was to burn off the topping to a perfect crispy finish! It was fascinating to watch the flame transform the sugary topping and to see it melt and burn before my eyes!
Everybody's life sometimes needs a blowtorch to transform our cold, colourless lives into a vivid sun-drenched landscape.
But just like my blowtorch, any jump start in our lives requires fuel.
That fuel came to the church at Pentecost, when the lives of the disciples were transformed by the arrival of the Holy Spirit.
In trying to describe that amazing energy source, Luke describes it in the Act of the Apostles as like flames of fire and gusts of wind.
Fire and wind - still the source of much of our energy today through carbon-based fuels and wind turbines.
The Holy Spirit certainly fuelled something on that first day of Pentecost, starting a church which rapidly spread throughout the Roman Empire, and is still working in our churches; in our lives, today.
So, as we come to the barbecue season, remember that this is also the season of Whit Sunday, or Pentecost as it is sometimes called. Come to church on June 9th and celebrate with us. Why not celebrate the season by holding a Pentecost barbecue for family and friends?
But most importantly, give your life a power surge. Invite the Holy Spirit into your life. I guarantee the results will be even more amazing than my new blowtorch.

Blessings,      Vivienne

Wednesday 19th June at St. Andrew's Church, Weston.