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We are a group of ten beautiful Churches (eight parishes), but ONE BODY building God's Kingdom here in Mid Trent. Part of the Diocese of Lichfield, within the Church of England, we try to make our services as welcoming and friendly as possible.
Our Team covers the Staffordshire villages of Burston,  Fradswell,  Gayton,  Hixon,  Hopton,    Milwich,  Salt,  Sandon,  Stowe by Chartley and  Weston.
With inspired leaders and ten Churches to choose from, each with their own identity and character, there has to be one that appeals to you.
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A letter from our Team Vicar for July.
We are delighted to confirm that the Bishop of Stafford has appointed the Reverend Lesley Bentley as Interim Team Rector for Mid-Trent Churches for the coming year.

Bishop Geoff Annas licensed Lesley at a special Team Service on Sunday 30th June at St. James' Church, Salt.

It was a shortened service which allowed us all to welcome Lesley in joining us, to work with us and to take us further on our journey of faith.

All our Church Wardens brought their wands to process.
Following the service there were refreshments at Salt Village Hall.

We will be advertising for a permanent Team Rector, and pray that we will have someone to take up this role when Lesley leaves us in 2020.
A land flowing with Milk and Honey
(Numbers 14. verse 8)

I know nothing about bees and beekeeping so I apologise to all professional and amateur beekeepers for any wrong statements and inferences I make in this article.  But it struck me the other day how busy the bees are in our gardens at the moment.  In fact, the other week I was convinced that there was a nest in my front garden and since I'm a touch allergic to their sting I panicked and knocked on my neighbour's door asking him what he thought we should do?  Then just a few days later, I heard that a friend had a swarm of bees make their home in his garage!

The constant 'to-ing and fro-ing' of the worker bees is amazing to watch (in my case safely behind closed windows!).  They appear ceaseless and tireless in their efforts to find nectar and pollen to supply food for the colony and ensure the healthy productivity of the queen that they all serve.

As Christians, we serve not the queen of a garden hive or nest but the King of Kings of the whole universe, who doesn't require us to constantly bring him the equivalent of pollen for his survival or wellbeing.  In God's Kingdom, there is no forced labour or even the need to work for the King's approval, but rather an invitation which we may choose to accept or not.  The King of Kings simply invites us into a relationship with him through Jesus, and rejoices over every individual who freely chooses to say yes.

And then, when we've found out for ourselves how amazing it is to be a child of the King of Kings, he sends us out to tell others about his gift of Salvation and Eternal Life.  Through Jesus' giving himself on the cross, we get to be his co-workers in building his Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

So perhaps, as we watch the bees at work in our gardens, we might ask ourselves: Do I want to accept God's invitation?  Do I want to get to know the King of Kings, who promises eternal life?  What would it be like to be as devoted to getting to know him and making him known to others, as those bees are to serving their queen?

To find out more about this King of Kings who promised his children "a land flowing with milk and honey", we don't need to work tirelessly like the bees.  We can chat to him whatever we're doing.  And maybe we can commit 10 minutes a day to listen to him speaking to us through the words of the Bible (or a Bible App on our phone) …… words that were described by King David as "more precious than gold and sweeter than honey from a honeycomb."


Dear Friends

I wanted to thank all the congregations and officers of the Mid-Trent team. The opportunities for ministry and for formational development afforded to me have been immense. I have had the pleasure of sharing with and supporting many of you, as well as our schools and nursing homes. It has been a tremendous privilege and one that I will carry in my heart during my curacy.

Many of you have been so supportive and encouraging of both Lynne and I throughout my journey , and I am reminded of a wonderful verse:

                      "And I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
                       Whom shall I send and who will go for us?
                       Then I said "Here I am, send me."

The ordination was an emotional and precious day, and I will be forever grateful to those who could be there and support us. I do realise that others had commitments which prevented this.

The home communion set was a beautiful gift which I will treasure for the whole of my ministry - thank you so very very much.

From now on our journey continues, albeit in a different space, but not I hope without your love and prayers.

Our prayers are with you constantly, and we pray that the Holy Spirit will stir the hearts of people both within and outside of the church. You have ten beautiful churches, and we all serve a God who has immeasurably more to offer each and every one of us.

Lynne and I will continue to live in Milwich, so hopefully there will be ample opportunity for fellowship. But for now all our love and blessings, and again a massive thank you for your support, love, prayers and encouragement.

With our deepest love and blessing in Christ Jesus.

Reverend Derek and Mrs. Lynne Pamment.

and a letter from Rev. Derek Pamment as he leaves us to take up his curacy at St. Mary's and All Saints', Trentham
Derek's ordination at Lichfield Cathederal on 30th June proved a most memorable occasion.
He moves to Trentham to continue his curacy with our grateful thanks for his unflinching dedication and service while an Ordinand in Mid-Trent. We offer our prayers and good wishes that his time at St. Mary's and All Saints' will prove a great success. Our thanks are also extended to Lynne for her uncomplaining support throughout.