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We are a group of ten beautiful Churches (eight parishes), but ONE BODY building God's Kingdom here in Mid Trent. Part of the Diocese of Lichfield, within the Church of England, we try to make our services as welcoming and friendly as possible.
Our Team covers the Staffordshire villages of Burston,  Fradswell,  Gayton,  Hixon,  Hopton,    Milwich,  Salt,  Sandon,  Stowe by Chartley and  Weston.
With inspired leaders and ten Churches to choose from, each with their own identity and character, there has to be one that appeals to you.
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A letter from our Team Curate for April.
What will you be doing on Easter Day? Will there be Easter Eggs? Together with several family members, I have given up chocolate for Lent, so Easter day for us will be a ChocFest featuring chocolate cake, chocolate puddings and indeed Easter Eggs! We have in our family invented a Secret Bunny, like a Secret Santa but with Easter Eggs. This means that we all have to buy only one Egg, and do not get too overwhelmed with chocolate!
But actually, that feeling of abundance goes to the very heart of Easter Day.
All through Lent we examine our relationship with God. We bring to him all our pain, our shortcomings, our selfishness. I am a Baby Boomer, and for the most part my generation has had it easy. Free university places, affordable housing, easy loans, big fuel-guzzling cars with little thought for the environment or global warming. Dare I mention Brexit? It feels like we have left many problems for future generations.
Yet despite all our selfishness and arrogance, God has never abandoned us or indeed any generation. He sent his Son Jesus Christ to become human like us, suffer with us, and finally die for us, taking on all the sins of the world - our sins- and defeating then on that glorious first Easter morning. He defeated death and rose again, and he is still with us now, suffering with us when bad things happen and feeling our joy in our homes and families. Jesus loved a good party and I like to think that he too would love chocolate!!!
But his love, unlike too much chocolate, is never too much. It is unconditional, never ending and always there, waiting for us to come and meet him. He does not just give us enough, he gives us everything in abundance!
So come and join us through the last steps of our journey through Lent and come to church on Easter Day and feel the love!
Happy Easter!
            Vivienne Starkie
All in Mid-Trent Churches wish you a very happy and blessed Easter!
All in Mid-Trent Churches wish you a very happy and blessed Easter!