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We are a group of ten beautiful Churches (eight parishes), but ONE BODY building God's Kingdom here in Mid Trent. Part of the Diocese of Lichfield, within the Church of England, we try to make our services as welcoming and friendly as possible.
Our Team covers the Staffordshire villages of Burston,  Fradswell,  Gayton,  Hixon,  Hopton,    Milwich,  Salt,  Sandon,  Stowe by Chartley and  Weston.
With inspired leaders and ten Churches to choose from, each with their own identity and character, there has to be one that appeals to you.
Why not take a look at what we have to offer by clicking on each of the pictures below.

From our Team Vicar.
As a child I lived a mile away from the village school, and I still remember walking to school with my mum on my very first day.  I wasn't looking forward to it, and the closer we got the more my heart sank and the more I was unable to hear my mum trying to cheer me up by telling me how much fun it would be.
Then suddenly a robin appeared on a wall in front of me.  To my five-year-old mind, he seemed to gently smile and say 'don't worry'!
I don't remember much more about that day other than playing with a blue plastic hand rake in the table-top sand pit.  But the picture of that robin appearing on the wall, seemingly smiling to cheer me up, has stayed with me.
A few years later, I remember being told by my teacher the story of how the robin got its red breast as it attempted to remove the crown of thorns from Jesus' head.  Of course, I knew it was only a story, but still it resonated with my own special memory of a robin.
So, during long cold winters, when I see a robin sitting on my fence or flitting from the hedge to my garden bench, I can't help recall the sense of hope ……of encouragement……that arose from the seemingly smiling robin sitting on the wall on that first day at school.   And the deep sense of unwavering….fearless love expressed through the story of the thorns piercing the delicate robin's breast as it tried to relieve Jesus' pain as he hung on the cross.
And the picture of the robin sitting on my car wing mirror?
Well, he arrived one morning as I sat waiting……..sat worrying…….
'Hope…...Encouragement…….and Fearless Love'

about a meeting I wasn't looking forward to attending.  As he looked at me, he seemed to bring a gentle stillness and an encouraging smile.  Reminding me of all that Jesus had done for me on the cross……his unconditional and unfailing love for me.  His promise that he would always go before me and never forsake me, no matter what lay ahead.  His promise to each one of us that God's love is real, and there's nothing he won't do to help us, if only we will ask.
With every blessing,

Come - everything is ready.
Everyone - men, women and children are welcome at this women-led service which, this year, has  been developed by women in Slovenia.
The service, which will take place on Friday 1st March in over one hundred and twenty countries, is at All Saints' Church, Sandon at 7-00pm. Refreshments will be served after the service.
Children are very welcome to come along, and there are also other opportunities listed earlier where they can join in with activities to produce arts and crafts which will be displayed at this service. A big thank you to the children in Hixon who have already produced work for us in January.
Please join us!

For more information please telephone Elizabeth Jarrett on:                              01785 - 816851  or visit the World Day of Prayer website at:            www.wwdp.org.uk