Church Warden: Mr Stephen Butt,                                      
                                               tel:           01785-618248
                                               mobile:   07972-838140

Church Warden: Mrs Elizabeth Jarrett,
                                               tel:           01785-816851
                                               mobile:   07534-915068

Safeguarding:      Mrs Anne Stringer,
                                               tel:     01785 - 814082

                                     Mrs Maureen Finlay
                   tel:     01785 - 815573

Chairman:                 Bill Pilling.

P.C.C. Secretary: Carole Pilling.

Burston Contact
and Treasurer:
     Christopher Phillips, 
                                               tel:          01889-508030

Local Contacts:     Robert and Janet Selby
                                               tel:         01889 - 508454

St. Rufin's is a small chapel erected in 1859. The church lies on the path of the Two Saints' Way between Lichfield and Chester, which is marked by an attractive Board opposite the entrance to the chapel by the Village Pool.
There is a small parking area adjacent to the chapel.

St Rufin's is linked to All Saints' in Sandon and as such shares the same PCC and Churchwardens. However, it runs semi-independently of All Saints' with local villagers looking after it and supporting its services.

Anyone wishing to visit the chapel is advised to telephone Christopher Phillips on:   01889-508030  or  Robert and Janet Selby on:    01889 - 508454  to arrange access.