Childrens Craft Corner
Here is a lion mask for you to make and colour in.
It can be printed off and glued on card, or alternatively printed directly on to card.
The mask is then coloured in before cutting out.
You next cut out chunks of mane to stick around the face from coloured paper or felt.
Thin shearing elastic is then attached  through small holes in the side to hold the mask in place.

This is how it can look when you have made it.

Can you make that word sound like a lion roaring?

Now  -  how about making a sheep that will stand up.
Print the picture and glue it onto a piece of card.
Cut around your sheep being careful not to cut across the top because this is where you bend it to make an "A" frame.
Colour the eyes, nose, mouth and legs, then use a glue stick to cover it with cotton wool balls. 
If you print some smaller pictures then they can be your sheep's lambs.
What shall we call her?

Here is a picture of how your sheep could look.
Amazing!    Did your sheep look as good as that?
Why not send us a picture so that we can share it with the other children.

Here is a lovely prayer and some pictures for you to colour in.
Our grateful thanks go to Anne Stringer from All Saints Church, Sandon, for providing this page.
   There will be a new craft for you to do next month - don't forget to visit us then to see what it is.