Childrens Craft Corner

  Materials required to make your Autumn Hedgehog:

  All that is needed to make your Autumn hedgehog is a
  piece of card or paper, a selection of leaves, pine needles,
  googly eyes and a pom-pom for nose.

  Draw your hedgehog shape on the paper and arrange the leaves flowing backwards. I used a glue stick
  to attach the leaves to the paper. A rolling pin can be used to flatten the leaves as the paper gets very 
  Next glue on the pine needles followed by the eye and
  the nose.
  You can cut some hedgehog feet from card or draw them on.
  If you like you can draw a background to the picture or glue
  on a few leaves.


                                                             Would you like to make a dragonfly?
                                                             Take a pipe cleaner and bend in half
                                                             Thread on two beads
                                                             Make a twist
                                                            Cut out wings from a piece clear plastic
                                                             You can use a clear plastic wallet
                                                            or over head transparency
                                                            Colour in with felts or permanent markers
                                                            Twist on to the pipe cleaner
                                                            Thread on remaining beds




            Now - why not make some pictures using the leafs that are blowing around your garden.       




                                             Amazing!  Did your pictures look as good as these?

   Our grateful thanks go to Anne Stringer from All Saints Church, Sandon, for providing this page.
   There will be a new craft for you to do next month - don't forget to visit us then to see what it is.

Here is a nice picture for   
you to print and colour in.  
Why not email your pictures  
to us so that we can share  
them with the other children.