General Data Protection Regulation.

The website for Mid Trent Churches is committed to adhering to both the requirements and spirit of GDPR and may be considered as both data controller and data processor for your personal data.
The purpose of our website is to provide an information hub, primarily to the members of the ten Churches in our benefice, and also to the general population living in the communities served by those Churches.
The information displayed relates to Church and community activity that has been supplied by the organisations or individuals concerned, either directly to the website or to Compass Magazine for publication. By doing so it is assumed that consent has been given.
The personal data held may be individual names, contact details (telephone numbers / email addresses) and in a limited number of instances, home addresses. This data is never shared with any other individual or organisation and is only retained for the time that it is displayed on our website. Our web host creates a remote directory which contains the personal data currently being displayed. That data is automatically deleted when no longer required. A comprehensive audit is undertaken every six months to ensure compliance and details of this audit are recorded.
You have the right, at any time, to object to our use of your personal data, to ask us to remove it from our website and delete it from the computer systems on which it is held. Any such request will be dealt with in a prompt and timely manner. If we have good reason to question the authenticity of a request we may ask you for confirmation that the request is valid. You can contact us by clicking on any of the messaging links displayed on our website, or telephone the number on the "CONTACT US" page.