All Saint's Church is on Sandon Road, Milwich. There has been a church on this site since the 12th century. The nave was rebuilt in the 1790s and the tower contains the oldest dated bell in Staffordshire, cast by John of Colsale in 1409.
Whether visiting for a time of peace, quiet and prayer or just to look around, we hope that you
enjoy your visit to our Church.

Church Warden:       Stuart Hodson
                                              tel:            01889 - 505414
mobile:     07971 - 255667

Church Warden:       Gordon Broomfield
                                              tel:                   01889 - 505493

P.C.C. Secretary:       Mary Bull
                                                tel:              01785 - 815958

P.C.C. Treasurer:       Paul Hodson
                                                 tel:         01889 - 505099
P.C.C. Safe Guarding Co ordinator:    Sharon Hodson
                                                                                       tel:    01889 - 505099

Deputy Warden:                Mary Elsmore
                                                 tel:       01889 - 505365

Team Council Rep:       Gordon Broomfield
                                               tel:     01889 - 505593

                                                        Tessa Broomfield
                                             tel:     01889 - 505493

Circuit Steward:            Elaine Hodson
                                              tel:     01889 - 505414

Circuit Steward:           Randle Knight
                                             tel:     01889 - 505284

Deanery Synod Rep:  Helen Hocknell
                                              tel:      01889 - 505717

                                                         Stuart Hodson
                                               tel:     01889 - 505414
                                               mob:  07971 - 255667



Meet our P.C.C.
About our Church

All Saints is part of the Mid-Trent Team of Churches, a group of eight Anglican parishes with ten churches. A service is held here at 9-30am on the first Sunday of each month and at 11-15am on the second, third and fourth Sundays. One of  the services each month is Methodist led.
When there is a fifth Sunday in the month a united team service is held at 10-00am at each of the Churches in turn.
                                                To see our services in detail please click this link.

And what we believe - that he came to earth for us.

Jesus was born in a Middle East town called Bethlehem, over 2,000 years ago. He went about healing sick people by the shores of Lake Galilee and called twelve ordinary men to be his helpers.                                                                      
He had no money. He wrote no books. He commanded no army. He wielded no political power. During his life he never travelled more than 200 miles in any direction. He was executed by being nailed to a cross at the age of 33. Today nearly 2,000,000,000 people worldwide worship Jesus as the divine Son of God.
Jesus taught us to trust in a loving and merciful Father, and to pray to him for our needs. We pray that your time in All Saint's Church may be a blessing to you.

All Saints' P.C.C.