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Preparation of new electoral roll

In accordance with the Church Representation Rules, 2019 is a year in which an entirely new Church Electoral Roll must be prepared in advance of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in every parish in the Church of England.
After completion of the new roll, please display a copy on or near the principal door of your church for at least 14
days before your Annual Parochial Church Meeting. During this period any errors or omissions in the roll may be
corrected, but no new names may be added until the end of your Annual Meeting. There is one exception, and that
is where a person whose sixteenth birthday falls after the revision of the new roll has been completed, but before
your Annual Meeting, may fill out a form of application and will then be enrolled from the date of their birthday.
Once publicised, the new roll replaces the previous one.

Please hold a meeting of parishioners no later than 30th April for the election of Church Wardens.
Declaration forms will as usual be sent by the archdeacons' office to all existing churchwardens, and to
                                          NOTICE OF A MEETING FOR  THE ELECTION OF CHURCHWARDENS

                                                               NOMINATION FOR CHURCHWARDEN

It is important that both these notices are displayed on, or near, the principal door of your church for a period which includes the 2 Sundays before your meetings.
Please complete your Electoral Roll Certificate and return a copy by 1st. June to Julie Jones at:

or email it to:    jo.durber@lichfield.anglican.org.

                                                              ELECTORAL ROLL CERTIFICATE

Please display a copy of this certificate on, or near, the principle door of your church for at least 14 days, and send a further copy to Stuart Hodson:       rshodson@btinternet.com   
This page allows you to view, print or complete on-line the forms issued by the Church of England. They are arranged in order, so once you select the task in hand simply moving down the page will present the next form required. Click anywhere in the text and a printable version of that form will be displayed. To complete it on-line you may need to click "ENABLE EDITING" at the top of the page. Once saved, the form can be printed for posting or e-mailed as an attachment.
Our Church P.C.C. Safeguarding Coordinators:

                                   St. Rufin,   Burston.                                   Mr's Anne Stringer

                                   St. James the Less,   Fradswell.                Mr's Sarah Stone

                                                                                                       tel:   01889 - 502268

                                   St. Peter's,   Gayton.                                  Mr's Jane Rock

                                                                                                        tel:   01785 - 251180

                                   St. Peter's,   Hixon.                                    T.B.A.

                                   St. Peter's,   Hopton.                                  Mr's Pat Preece
                                                                                                        tel:   01889 - 270493

                                   All Saints',   Milwich.                                 Mr's Sharon Hodson
                                                                                                        tel:   01889 - 505099

                                  St. James the Great,   Salt.                         Mr's Pat Preece
                                                                                                        tel:   01889 - 270493

                                  All Saints',   Sandon.                                   Mr's Anne Stringer

                                 St. John the Baptist,  Stowe by Chartley.   Mr's Elisabeth McOwen
                                                                                                        tel:   01889 - 270109

                                  St. Andrew's,   Weston.                               Mr's Rose Rae
tel:   07792 - 186092