Some useful guidance when planning a wedding in the Parishes of Mid Trent

First of all, congratulations! A warm and friendly welcome awaits you in Mid Trent. Feel free to come along to one of our Sunday services and to get to have a chat with us, especially those at your chosen church.  The times of our Main Services can be found in the COMPASS Magazine or on our website.
Each Tuesday evening we operate an 'Office Hour' where we can book Baptisms and Weddings from 19.00 to 19.45. It is in the small building to the right of St. Andrew's Weston as you face the church from the car park.

Am I eligible to get married in Mid Trent?
You may marry in any church with which you have a legal connection. This is explained at If you do not have a connection with any of the churches in Mid Trent, you can create one by attending your chosen church's usual services at least once a month for six consecutive months.
Please note that there may not be a service in your chosen church every week: sometimes we travel to other Mid Trent parishes for our services (ie Team Services).  When this happens, your attendance will be credited wherever your chosen church's service is held.

How do I apply?
On most Tuesday evenings throughout the year, we hold 'Office Hour' at the Church Room adjacent to St Andrew, Weston.  All applications must be made in person at such a meeting. Applications cannot be made directly with any church/parish or online.  You will need to bring with you: Passports and a Utility Bill from the past 3 months.  If you do not have a Passport you will need to bring your Birth Certificates and Photo Driving Licences. If you are divorced you will also need to bring with you your Decree Absolute.

What are Banns of Marriage?
In order to be married in a church, 3 official announcements of your intention have to be made before your wedding.  This is known as 'Reading of Banns' and is a legal requirement.  During the 3 month period before your wedding day, Banns must be read on 3 separate Sundays, not only in the church where the wedding will take place, but also in each of the parish churches where you both live.
If the Banns are to be read in another parish or parishes, it is your responsibility to make sure that arrangements are made for this to be done during the 3 months before your wedding day.
The wedding cannot proceed unless the Minister has received the original Banns Certificate(s), no later than at the Wedding Rehearsal.

How much will it cost?
Our website will give you guidance over Wedding Fees but please check with the Churchwardens of your chosen church.  Fees do go up slightly each year and the fee charged will be that which is set for the year of your Wedding.
Fees are payable to the relevant Churchwarden of each Church, and we ask that all bills are settled 2 weeks before the Wedding Day. Please note that the Wedding Service cannot take place until all funds have cleared.

Who will take the Wedding Service?
There are a number of Ministers who officiate in Mid Trent, and the availability of any particular Minister will depend on your Wedding date.

What if someone else has already booked a Wedding in the church on the day we would like to get married?
Unfortunately, this is most likely not possible.  

Can we have our own flowers?
Please discuss your requirements with the Churchwardens of your chosen church. When Weddings are held on Saturdays, we are always very grateful when some flowers are left in church to decorate the Communion Table for our Sunday service.
Please advise external florists that appointments need to be made with a churchwarden 7 days in advance, to gain access to church.
What about Photographs and Videos?
Your 'Official Photographer' may take photos as you gather to enter the church and during the signing of the Registers.  (They must not take direct photographs of the Wedding Register.)
You will need to discuss any additional photography with the Minister taking your service. A video recording may be permitted, but again this will need to be discussed with the minister concerned

Can Confetti be thrown?
Please let your family and friends know that no confetti is permitted in the churchyard, paths and grounds.

What time do the Groom, Best Man and Ushers need to be there?
The Groom and Best man should arrive in church at least 30 mins before the service.  Ushers should be there 45 mins before the service to ensure that everything is ready.

For further information please contact:
  Revd Mike Cadwallader:   01889 - 270418              
  Revd Viv Starkie:                 01889 - 271046              
  Stuart Hodson (Administrator): 01889 - 505414   

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