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Our Team Vicar  Message for August.

Armistice Day this year marks the Centenary of the ending of the First World War and there will be a special Remembrance Day Service in the Memorial Hall to commemorate the lives of all Hixon people who served in the Great War.
We are not only remembering those Hixon villagers who lost their lives but also honouring those who served their country in any way, for example, as nurses, or land army personnel.
If you are related to anyone who served in any way during the First World War, or if you have any photos relevant to that time, then please contact :- 
Tim Moss  on   01889 271007  or   07813 531146  (Mobile).
Thank you.

Glorious Summer BBQs
What makes them so special?

I was invited to my first BBQ of 2018 the other week……it was absolutely fab.  There was an incredible range of mouth-watering barbequed meats and accompanying salad dishes….cheeses……and dips.  The air was filled with the summer aroma of slightly burnt meat: I was informed by the chef…..the guy poking and turning the meat….. that it's an essential aspect of all the best BBQs.
The climbing roses beside the tables poured forth their scent and a blaze of colour; the heat swelled from the patio as we enjoyed each other's company; and the quintessential English Garden Party setting was completed by two magnificent patio brollies - where would we be without them!
The fellowship…..the laughter….and the occasional tipple.  Nothing could have been better.  It was truly awesome!
There's something about BBQs……..something about gathering with friends and family sharing a meal in the open that crosses all boundaries both religious and cultural.  Folk simply come together, leaving aside their differences, and party….celebrate…..relax….. and enjoy each other's company as at no other time.

I always associated BBQs with Kylie, Jason and the rest of the Australian 'Neighbours' cast.  Something of the glitzy world of 'Ramsay Street' I thought.  It never once dawned on me that BBQs were more natural and potentially so much more powerful than anything the TV industry could depict.
But, as I began to engage with the Christian faith; and as I read my Bible and woke up to who Father God really is, I realised that BBQs were not just the product of a TV scriptwriter's imagination, and not only Australian.  For they are in fact at the heart of Scripture …. both Old and New Testament.  They are at the very heart of the Word of God.  For instance, in John chapter 21, we read that Jesus threw an amazing breakfast BBQ on the shores of the Sea of Galilee for his disciples. 
The description of the encounter the disciples had with the risen Lord Jesus, as he called to them to come and join him on the beach, has with it a very special warmth of intimacy and beauty.  Indeed, time and time again we see in the Bible that coming together for fellowship over a meal is indeed a truly beautiful and powerful time…….and a time where we should expect Jesus to turn up and be with us.

Two of our Parishes (Hixon and Weston) hold monthly services within the context of a hearty breakfast.  We cannot promise you the sun, nor the scent of roses, nor 'slightly burnt beef burgers' but we do promise you a hearty breakfast……. fellowship…. and laughter, as we come together into presence of Jesus.
Happy summer BBQs!