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Our Team Vicar  Message for July.
A Place in the Son

During the past few months I've been avidly searching for a holiday on the Internet and the brochures of several high street Travel Agents.  I've been longing to go on a holiday to a sun drenched beach…..longing to find that 'cut price' dream holiday in 'Paradise'.  The caressing, enfolding warmth of the sun on some idyllic beach in the Med…….. the Caribbean…….the Seychelles …..pulling me, disturbing me, willing me to bathe …..to feast…..to recline in its presence.
Well, I've left it too late.  It's not going to happen.  It looks like I'll be spending my time wandering the lanes of the Yorkshire Wolds dodging the showers, avoiding the downpours and wrapping up against chilling winds.

As I reflected upon this……well actually rued the consequence of leaving it all too late……I thought how so many of us long for a kind of Paradise……long for the sun during those two precious weeks in our year.  And yet miss our Father God's promise of not just 2 weeks but eternity in the true Paradise; and not simply under the sun but with his Son.

Okay, sounds a little cheesy ….. but nevertheless, it's true!
As for the 'cost' of this true Paradise; well the good news …. the amazing news … is that Jesus has already paid the price for us.  He paid the price on the cross.  He freely laid down his life for us.  All we have to do is say 'thank you'….. 'sorry'….. and 'please help me to be the person you called me to be'.

Yes, I still long for the sun…..the sand……and the sea this summer, but I thank Father God that the promise of true Paradise lays with him and not in some glossy catalogue or 'cut price' offer on the Web.
So, don't leave it too late to receive the promise of Paradise or settle for something far less.  Rather, talk to Father God today and be assured of your place with the Son ……with an unlimited baggage allowance, because nothing is too big or too bad for him to deal with.

Happy travels,